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Jessica, Dr. Kochert Weight-Loss patient

Physician Supervised.
Individually Customized.

Your Dr. K. Weight-Loss Strategy is not a cure-all promise in a magic pill.

It’s a doctor-prescribed and -monitored plan of action based on your unique health profile—so, you can ultimately achieve a long-term, healthy, sustainable weight.

Unlike most commercial weight-loss programs
Dr. Kochert and your wellness coach get to the root cause of your unique weight problem, whether it’s diet, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance, stress, emotional anxiety, poor health habits—you name it.

Everyone is different.

They then use your individual metabolism and body composition to develop your own personal nutrition and lifestyle plan, and stay engaged with you to closely follow your weight-loss progress, making adjustments, if needed.

Dr. Kochert Pain & Health


A Treatment for Pain

Dr. K. Weight-Loss strategies originated as a pain therapy solution for patients of Dr. Kochert Pain & Health, because excessive body weight is very often a contributing factor in conditions of chronic pain.

With ongoing success in those cases, Dr. Kochert expanded her services to virtually anyone seeking to lose weight, regardless of the reasons.

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